Reopening Procedures


Membership Reactivation Procedures

● Reactivate membership either over the phone, email, or in person (must be during non-class times 10-2 PM). Sign the COVID-19 electronic waiver. You will not be allowed to workout until the COVID waiver has been reviewed and signed.
● Update credit card information, if needed. Cash payments will no longer be accepted.
● Set up profile in Push Press Member Portal. This is needed in order to reserve your spot for classes (8 members per class for EliteFit; 2 for barbell club = 10 total members allowed in gym per class session; Barbell Club will have a 7 person cap).
● Download Push Press Member Portal app (optional). This allows you to easily reserve a spot for class from your cell phone.
● If you do not feel comfortable returning to the gym at this point, our HomeFit workout membership will be available for $49.99 a month. Your gym membership will remain on hold. You also have the option to do nothing at this point and keep your membership on hold until you are ready to either reactivate or cancel.
● Your membership fees will resume 2 weeks from your reactivation date in order to compensate you for the 2 weeks you missed in March. Your membership will remain on hold until you reactivate your membership.

Class Attendance Logistics

● Register for the class you wish to attend using the online Push Press Member Portal or app. Registration begins 48 hours before the start of the class and ends 2 hours before the start of the class.

● If you need to cancel a registration, please do so at least 3 hours before the class starts so it becomes available for someone else. If you cancel less than 3 hours ahead of class, you will be charged a $30 cancelation fee (except in cases of emergencies).
● All members must be on time for the class for which they have registered. Members more than 10 minutes late for a class forfeit their spot for that time and will be marked as a no-show. There will be a $30 no-show fee charged to your account.
● Allow the coach to take your temperature. Anyone who has a temperature higher than 100° will not be allowed to workout in the facility. Also, if you have any of the following Covid-19 symptoms: fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea (in accordance with CDC guidelines) you will not be allowed into the gym facility.
● Please follow the traffic pattern as you enter the box and prepare for class.
● All members MUST stay in their designated space on the gym floor while working out.
● Please use the run door (not the Laurel Health Foods entrance) to enter and exit the gym.
● Leave immediately after disinfecting your area and equipment (wash hands immediately after workout BEFORE disinfecting equipment). If you wish to stick around and chat with other members, you must do so outside in the parking area.
● Only use the portion of the rig assigned to you during the workout.
● The Kiddie Corral will remain closed until further notice. If you can not secure childcare, please do not reserve a spot for class because we do not have a space for your child(ren) at the gym. Laurel Health Foods is a place of business and not a place for childcare.
● Masks are to be worn before and after your workout while in the gym facility. Wearing a mask DURING the warmup and workout is optional. If you do not have a mask, you will not be allowed to enter the gym or health food store.
● Masks are mandatory when shopping at Laurel Health Foods.

Class Attendance Protocol

1. Register for your desired class time.
2. You must remain in your vehicle until the start of the class you have registered for.
3. Enter the training facility through the run door and check in with the coach on duty to have temperature taken.
4. Once cleared store any bag/gear in the cubbies and proceed to wash your hands
5. Place any personal equipment needed (towel, cleaning rag, water bottle, wrist wraps, etc) in your assigned workout space.
6. 5 minutes into the hour coach will start the group warm up with all athletes warming up in their respective spaces.
7. Stay in your assigned workout area throughout the entire workout.
8. Upon finishing your workout, athletes are to wash their hands.
9. Return to your workout area and then sanitize the area and all equipment used with the disinfectant and paper towels provided.
10.Return all sanitized equipment to its respective areas.
11.Remove ALL your gear/bag from cubbies and exit the facility.
12.Please see a coach if you wish to purchase anything from our ProShop (beverages, gear, etc.)
13.Leave immediately after disinfecting your area and equipment. If you wish to stick around and socialize with other members, you must do so outside in the parking area while maintaining social distance of at least 6 feet.

Coach Expectations:

● Once the previous class exits the gym and you have disinfected the common areas, you may allow members for the next class to enter the facility.
● Take temperature as members enter. If they have a fever (over 100°, they are to leave the premises immediately). Members without masks should not be allowed to enter the gym.
● Check members in on Push Press once their temperature has been taken and give them their assigned workout location.
● Remind members they are to wash hands PRIOR to setting up their equipment.
● Start the warm up exactly at 5 minutes after the hour. Drill movements for the day’s workout.
● As members finish, instruct them to wash hands BEFORE beginning to wipe down equipment.
● Ensure all members follow clean up protocol before exiting the gym.
● Spray disinfectant in bathroom(s), around the workout areas, and wipe down spray bottles BEFORE the next class begins.
● Note names of any no-shows/late members to charge $30 no-show fee.


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